It’s hard to point out ‘why’, but Kevin Hart just doesn’t seem convincing as a sweet supportive home-maker dad of two kids, while the wife brings in the dough. It’s strange, because he was great in ‘Fatherhood’, another Netflix film, where he plays a single parent. Regardless, the 2022 Buddy comedy ‘Me Time’ starring Hart, Mark Wahlberg and Regina Hall isn’t a bad one time watch.

Directed and written by John Hamburg, ‘Me Time’ might have you laughing out quite loud at many points, even though the plot relies on old comic tropes, like potty/penis jokes and characters falling around. Or a mix of both, like characters stumbling over shit. Kevin Hart plays Sonny Fisher, who reluctantly ends up taking a vacation with his crazy man-child childhood best friend Huck Gumbo (Mark Wahlberg) after his wife Maya (Regina Hall) convinces him to have some ‘me time’.

Kevin Hart and Regina Hall make a sweet onscreen couple, their chemistry as the boss-wife and house-dad is cute. Hamburg’s script doesn’t explore the dynamics of the couple too much, but keeps things breezy and easy. So as the title suggest, ‘Me Time’ is about the need for the primary caregiver in a relationship to take a breather and relax a little. The emphasis is on – don’t lose your sense of self while taking care of your family. It’s a nice message that may get lost for a lot of viewers due to the chaotic story. There’s a CGI sequence of a tiger chasing Sonny (also seen in the trailer) which was plain ridiculous!

Since ‘Me Time’ is essentially a buddy-comedy, unfortunately, Hart’s bromance with Mark Wahlberg isn’t as smooth, the two are awkward around each other, and it doesn’t help that the script gets quite idiotic in the second half. So the laughs get thinner, the jokes un-funnier. The climax however is wholesome and makes a lot more sense than the rest of the film.

It’s a 5.5/10 from me.

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