Rating: 3 out of 5.

“I am from the future” whispers Gary’s date, a gorgeous blonde he’s met only a few minutes ago. He thinks she is cute, funny, but after spending a few hours together, not so much. Directed by Alex Lehmann, written by Noga Pnueli, the 2022 sci-fi romance-drama “Meet Cute” follows Sheila, who has access to a time machine and chooses to re-live her date with a man over and over, because she thinks he is (almost) perfect for her.

The film starts at a bar, where Sheila (Kaley Cuoco) decides to buy a drink for a stranger called Craig (Pete Davidson) and the two then spend a fun night, but soon she starts to spout stuff that freaks the guy out. She claims she is serious about being from the future and has been living the same night on loop because she is too scared to find out what happens next.

To be able to appreciate the subtle brilliance of this time-travel romance, one must first make peace with the fact that everyone has different ways of dealing with trauma. Sheila meets Craig at the lowest point in her life, so her night with him becomes her safe space, a grain in time she is comfortable being stuck in. It’s not relatable, and her decision has its problems, yer you can empathize with her emotions. Kaley Cuoco is great as Sheila, but she can’t pull off the more emotional scenes in the story. It’s like she is still playing Penny from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and her crying would’ve been funny if this film was a comedy, but it’s supposed to be a quirky yet poignant tale about love, loss, fear and insecurities. Pete Davidson is okay as Craig, but just doesn’t have the charm for the viewers to believe a girl would go to crazy lengths to get him, one with a ‘time machine’ that too.

‘Meet Cute’ has an entertaining first 30 minutes, things get slow and tedious in between, but surprisingly, the pace picks up again. Sheila is always armed with a little twist, which makes her dates interesting. The cinematography is simple, cozy, however, the generic title of the film does its script a lot of disservice. One can imagine a different lead cast being able to elevate this drama to the heights of a ‘modern classic’ you wouldn’t mind watching again and again. But with Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson, it’s a decent one-time-watch.  

It’s a 6.5/10 from me. Stream it on Prime Video.

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