People keep talking about how great a morning walk is, but for a few of us a walk in the night has a charm of its own. There are things, sights, smells, people that you get to see in the night that you will never see in the clear light of the day. The night is a world of its own, its darkness is solace for many souls, but its beauty is muse to others.

For some the night is to hide, for others the night is meant to shine. We came across this busy street artist working away on the walls at one am in the night in Singapore. A friend of his was holding a light to aid him at his art. I was so excited to have stumbled upon the creator of the art on the walls I had passed by so many times in day.


It’s amazing how art drives some people. It was the first time that I was seeing a graffiti artist sketch away to glory on the walls of his city while most of its denizens slept. These are the unsung Banksys of the world.