By Sneha Jaiswal (Twitter | Instagram)

Only 45 minutes long, ‘Minions & More’ is a collection of short-films made by animation studio Illumination over the last few years. So it packs in a fun number of shorts that range from cute, hilarious and bizarre. For example, there’s one filled with talking sausages, where a character complains about being called a ‘weenie’ by bullies. Easily my least favorite and the only one which was completely skip-worthy.

All of the short films have top-notch animation and the mini-movies featuring minions from the ‘Despicable Me’ franchise are obviously still as adorable. Some of the shorts are centered on characters from other popular animated films like ‘The Lorax’, ‘Sing’ and ‘The Grinch’. Since they are all a random bunch of creations collected together, there is no particular theme. If one is about a minion wanting to adopt a puppy, another one is about a puppy trying to buy some tea for their ailing owner. From plain hilarious, to mildly poignant, the volume packs a roller-coaster of moods.

There is only one thing in common with all the shorts – they are all too short! Each story gets over in a blink, but most of them are entertaining and worth a watch. It’s a 7/10 from me. ‘Minions and More’ is available to stream on Netflix.

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