Cole Sprouse = super cute. Lana Condor = super cute. But oddly, the two actors put together just don’t sparkle the way you would expect in the 2022 space-romance ‘Moonshot’. Directed by Christopher Winterbauer and written by Max Taxe, it’s a futuristic story about an ‘average’ boy sneaking into a space-craft bound for Mars to re-unite with his crush.

How has nobody made a film with one of the Sprouse brother’s playing son to Leonardo DiCaprio yet? Or to Matt Damon? Obviously enough fluff pieces have been written about the similarity, but it’s just so so uncanny at the beginning of ‘Moonshot’, which starts with Cole making a little monologue. He looks like the spitting image of the Titanic hero. Fine, moving on from the pointless comparison, let’s get back to the film…

Cole Sprouse plays college student Walt, who dreams of going to Mars, and ends up tailing rich-nerd Sophie (Lana Condor), while she in on her way to the planet to reunite with her boyfriend. It’s a typical enemies to lovers kind of story, but Sprouse and Condor just don’t have the kind of scenes that would qualify this film to be called romantic. Not a lot of the jokes land, so it’s not a great comedy either.

“You pretty, but you dumb,” a character tells Walt at some point and you could sum up “Moonshot” the same way – it’s a good-looking film, with cute actors, fancy lights and sets, some decent CGI, but a pretty dull script. Although there is a hilarious twist in the end that makes up for what looked like a major loophole in the first-half, so it might make some viewers re-evaluate the story in fresh light.

It’s a 6/10 from me. You can stream it on Amazon Prime Video.

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