‘My Secret Love’ is the kind of series that could’ve been wrapped up within 6-8 episodes, but for some reason, despite having no story to tell, the makers drag it for 12 episodes and makes it a complete snooze-fest. The 2022 series featuring multiple couples, tells the story of two group of college students, one is a mildly popular trio that makes prank videos, the other is a nerdy clique of three cute guys. Interestingly, the six end up being three couples by the end of the show. And not so interestingly – the lead pair is the most boring of the lot.

Directed by Zaii Nattamon Yimyam, ‘My Secret Love’ is fun and cute-sy in the first few episodes, but soon gets annoying and mundane. I lost complete interest by episode 9 but took my time and did watch the last three episodes to just see how things end. Daniel Cheng Yu Chang and Bew Sitthikarn Akkarapolawat as Lee and Park have the best chemistry of the four couples we see through the show, they also have a believable relationship trajectory – they’ve been dating for over seven years and are completely comfortable around each other.

The central sub-plot that drives the main romantic plot was plain bizarre and stupid – the chancellor of the college forces two good-looking students – Kim (Earth Teerapat) and Mek (Fluk Chatchawan) – to pretend to be a couple and make videos to make the college’s YouTube channel popular. It’s a ridiculous take on the whole ‘shipping’ business and how even older adults can perhaps take things too far. But for an educator to do so was pushing boundaries. As the story progresses, the Chancellor is completely forgotten, although her ‘fake ship’ turns into a real one. But Earth and Mek have very little chemistry and don’t make too much sense together.

Overall, ‘My Secret Love’ is a forgettable series, with the usual cliches and romantic tropes. It’s a 5/10 from me.

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