‘Neighbors’ by Elizabeth LaBan & Melissa DePino is a sweet little non-fiction story celebrates the friendship between two women. It’s less than 100 pages long and makes for a quick, emotional read.

Quite often, our women friends are our strongest pillars and we don’t often get to see that in fiction books. In ‘Neighbour’, co-authors Elizabeth and Melissa tell the readers how they first met as 31-year-old strangers but soon became inseparable. For over a decade, they lived on the same street and their friendship grew into a deeper familial relationship. The story alternates between the two writers, so we get to see both perspectives.

Since it’s non-fiction, there is no heightened drama, no jarring twists. Just a simple story about two grown women being each other’s anchors when the weather gets stormy, preventing the other from drowning. It’s a pretty good read and most women readers would enjoy the book.

The book is also available to read for free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

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