Did I ever mention I am working on a new book?

I didn’t?

Well… I am working on a new book. And it’s in its last stages. Very last stages.

And my confidence meter on the story wavers on a day to day basis.

Some days I feel like “this is going to be the next bestseller”. Then there are other days when I feels like “maybe this is not a good idea, maybe I should not publish this at all”. If you are an artist or a content creator of any sort, you’ll probably know what I mean.

A close friend of mine always says “you just write, let people decide whether they like it or not”.

If it only were that easy. Sigh.

Why is why, I am experiencing a high amount of unfounded anxiety these days, which explains the slightly dark poem I wrote before this. I wasn’t intending on writing a personal post at all. But sometimes writing helps.