‘Ni No Kuni’ is a 2019 animated film, it’s available on Netflix, and should be added to your ‘don’t even think about watching it’ list. I don’t even know if I should bother doing a full review, since I’ve already wasted a significant amount of time watching this monstrosity of a film. Since it was on Netflix, I fast-forwarded a lot of bits. And I usually NEVER fast-forward an animated film.

Directed by Yoshiyuki Momose, this film is about two friends Yu & Haru who find themselves transported to a different world, where dogs walk like men and wars are still fought with swords. Yu & Haru are on a quest to find their friend Kotona, who was stabbed and transported into the other world with them.

Despite being a fantasy movie, ‘Ni No Kuni’ is as bland as bland can be. The heroes have the ability to travel between two worlds, but even with two alternate universes, the script-writers couldn’t get creative.

The characters are too flat, the colors too loud and the pace is slower than a snail. I have trouble sleeping and never crash before one am. While watching this film at around 9 pm, with dinner, my head was bobbing drowsily. That’s how boooooooring this film is.

The makers resort to cliches and time-tested formulas & tropes that have been done to death. Nothing inspires wonder or awe. There are no real plot twists. Animated films that were made in the early nineties are far better than this.

Nothing, absolutely nothing can redeem this film. I would give it a 1/5 rating.