Webtoon artist Seon Ho hasn’t been in a relationship for over two years, so when he hires a good-looking art assistant to help him out, an awkward romance blooms between the two. The 2022 Korean mini-series ‘Oh! My Assistant’ stars Song Seun Hyun as lead protagonist Seon Ho and the younger Ko Chan Bin as his new assistant Gu Mu Yeong.

Eight episodes long, this Korean romantic-comedy series is silly, slightly funny, and annoying in parts. Ko Chan Bin is gorgeous to look at, but his character Gu Mu Yeoung is weirdly juvenile, the kinds who lives in their head, drawing all sorts of wrong conclusions about things, instead of simply asking people “hey, what’s going on?”. Also, Gu Mu Yeong has more chemistry with his best-friend Haan Joon Seok (Lee Do Ha) than Seon Ho.

The actors follow the simple script that’s laden with old-school cliches but is free of excessive drama. Overall, ‘Oh! My Assistant’ is simple, forgettable and not too bad for a one time watch.

It’s a 5/10 from me.

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