What if you could just pack and leave for where ever you wanted to, every time the travel bug bit you? Only if that was possible, right? I mean sure, there are a lot of us who act on impulse, wake up, pack up and leave for a place they have always been itching to go to. But it’s pretty difficult to do it every time you feel like it. Okay, fine, maybe everything written so far is just stating the obvious, but we keep wondering about obvious things don’t we?

Only yesterday my best friend and I were discussing how the concept of  just leaving alone for a travel destination without any planning whatsoever is so ‘cool’. And then I began to complain about how I was slightly paranoid about solo travel because I think it is pretty unsafe for women to travel all by themselves in India or most parts of the world for that matter. Sure it is a risk, I like taking risks, but some risks are just not worth the possible regret that might follow. I have obviously traveled alone, but just the technical bit of traveling, which is getting from one city/country to another and then meeting friends/family at a rendezvous point.

Image courtesy wiki commons

There have also been times when my friends and I have decided to leave for some place at the last minute. Like looking up a weekend getaway online at 3 am in the morning and then leaving for that place five hours later. But never have I done that alone. I love the concept of ‘pack and go’, don’t think too much, don’t plan too much, just take the travel as it comes.

Someday, just someday and hopefully soon enough, it will be just me and my backpack! Till then I will be happy going on trips with my amazing set of friends. There is nothing like discovering new places with your best friend. And then there is the thrill of discovering it all by yourself too. Everything cloud has its silver lining they say.