This is alarmingly crazy, I have been following the news for months and in just the last two days, I have read about four cases of men killing their fathers. And one case was just plain ridiculous and horrifying. Okay, this crazy story was not about a man killing his father, but his father in law and that too over a goat! Yeah, I typed it right – A bloody GOAT.

The story was simple, the man suspected that his father in law had been stealing his cattle and one fine night, he actually caught him red handed. And the next thing he did was stab the man to death. In fact he even stabbed the goat to death! What the fuck!

“So what did he do, make mutton and celebrate after that”, I wondered out loud to a colleague as I recalled the story I read from yesterday. The man of-course has been arrested.

Let’s come to the real patricides – A man hired three contract killers to bump off his father because his dad was not allowing him to sell their house to clear his debts in the Indian city Indore . The man is dead, the son and the three contract killers are behind bars. But wait, while this is not a shocking case, there is a crazy case from Missouri in US, where a man sat on his 74 year old father’s head until the man lost consciousness and eventually died. And here is the crowning reason – the man wanted to prove how ‘bad’ he is. The murderer claims he did not intend to kill his father but was just trying to scare the him after they had an argument and he lost his temper. “I just wanted to prove how big and bad I am”, the man allegedly told the cops according to news reports. Some way to show one’s temper.

And in the fourth case, it was a eighteen year old young boy who kicked his father to death after his old man refused to give him money to buy liquor. I don’t even want to go into the details. I am just upset now. Peace.