Give yourself to me in bits and pieces
like a treasure map
made solely of doodles
hidden in a book
the key to which you hand out with every kiss
planted amidst the hills – shrouded in mist
and some slipped into my hand when I stand by the sea

Gift wrap your nooks and corners
and hand it over on a mundane Sunday
when you shyly whisper, “My heart was racing like a hare on Meth until I could hug you..”

Tell me about the place you call home,
a wall you love and what makes your skin crawl
that warms your heart like a bowl of soup
and the colour of the sky when you cried.

Slide into me like sudden rain knocks on my window
making my fingers shiver
and my feet curl in anticipation

Slip your secrets under my skin
like they are finally home

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