By Sneha Jaiswal (Twitter | Instagram)

The 2022 Netflix movie ‘Rescued By Ruby’ is a feel-good family film about a state-trooper adopting a shelter pup called Ruby and training her to be an elite K-9 dog. Directed by Katt Shea, the movie is based on a real life story, making it twice as endearing.

Grant Gustin plays Daniel O’Neal, a homey but hyperactive trooper, who dreams of joining the American K-9 unit with a canine partner. Ruby is also a bundle of energy, but has a hard time finding a permanent home. She is just hours away from being euthanized when officer Daniel decides to make her part of his family and dreams. How these two underdogs try to make it work as team forms the primary plot of the film.

The cinematography is simple and clean, some scenes are shot from Ruby’s point-of-view and look like those GoPro ‘Dog POV’ videos on the internet. The story sheds interesting insights into how dogs are schooled for search and rescue operations. The best bit about ‘Rescued By Ruby’ is the fact that every character is supportive. There are no villains trying to bring down Daniel and his pup, instead they face their own hurdles along the way. There is no hard-hitting conflict in the plot, which sort of mitigates the emotional quotient of the film and won’t exactly have viewers crying buckets of tears by the climax. But Katt Shea and team manage to prove stories don’t need nasty villains, mean bullies or heartbreaking tragedies to touch the viewer.

You obviously have predictable plot-points in the film and a lot of dialogues feel like they are from an inspirational book. The script could’ve been more casually conversational, especially the interactions between Daniel and his wife. However, Grant Dustin is charming as family man Daniel, convincingly portraying a young cop battling dyslexia. Kaylah Zander who plays his onscreen wife Melissa is also sweet as a tired but empathetic spouse. Bear is the star of the show, a rescued pup in real life too, who will win over the audience as the adorable Ruby.

Anybody who loves dogs ought to watch this cute film along with the entire family. It’s a 7.5/10 from me.

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