What would you if you call a taxi and the driver takes you through an unknown route?

Alex Magaña and Josh Gilmer deliver a quick exploration of a nightmare scenario that’s all too real in their short horror film, “Ride Share.” With Ashley BeLoat taking the lead as Amy, the unsuspecting passenger thrust into a chilling ordeal, the film grabs your attention from the start.

Clocking in at a concise four minutes, “Ride Share” wastes no time immersing you in its eerie world. The filmmakers excel in creating an atmosphere that’s both well-lit and well-shot, setting the stage for an unsettling journey that manages to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Ashley BeLoat’s delivers a gripping performance, she defies the typical helpless victim archetype, instead portraying Amy as a resourceful character who uses her wits to decipher the bizarre situation she finds herself in. While “Ride Share” may not deliver hair-raising scares, it manages to maintain a tight grip on your attention throughout its brief runtime. The suspense builds steadily as you wonder if Amy will manage to escape her unnerving predicament unscathed.

The film’s conclusion doesn’t disappoint either, as it culminates with a wicked twist, a staple of the horror genre that leaves you contemplating the eerie events long after the credits roll. For those intrigued by this tale, “Ride Share” is readily available for viewing on YouTube. It’s also embedded below.