Sometimes, YouTube just knows what to recommend to you on your feed. Like Taika Waititi’s 2021 short animated film ‘Save Ralph’, which had a rabbit on the thumbnail. A lot of us who know the director from the award-winning ‘Jo Jo Rabbit’ probably didn’t think twice before clicking ‘watch’ on the video.

The four minute-short film is a stinging satire about a rabbit called Ralph, who takes us through a typical day in his ‘work life’. It’s such a small powerful film that revealing anything more than that would be a spoiler. But the stop-motion animation is brilliant, with bright pastel shades that betrays the dark theme of Ralph’s story.

‘Save Ralph’ is short, satiric and a scathing look at one of the most exploitative industries in the world – an industry that feeds on our insecurities. The powerful little story would move any viewer into thinking twice about a lot of things. If you haven’t seen it yet, please do. Embedding the short-film below.