Here is an Abstract as F post – how to make easy home-made strawberry ice-cream.

We had a “vegan haul” arrive at our place – vegan butter, vegan milk (cashew & oats milk), vegan mayo. I had also ordered three boxes of strawberries, which weren’t as sweet as I expected them to be. So I decided to make vegan strawberry ice-cream.

And it actually turned out to be pretty good. How did I make it?

+ Diced 400 grams of strawberries

+ Dumped it in the blender with 4 spoons sugar + two spoons vegan butter + 200 ml vegan milk

Mixed it all in the blender until it was one thick mixture. Left the mix in the fridge overnight. Broke it into chunks with a fork and blended them again. Froze it for the second time for 5 hours.

The result was this –

It was yum! You can replace the vegan ingredients with regular milk & butter. And I would suggest you use 8 spoons of sugar & 4 spoons melted butter. I prefer little sugar, so the ice-cream wasn’t as sweet as store brought ice-creams.