My friend and I are not strawberry fans, which is why on the first day of our visit to a hill station famous for its strawberries, we devoured mango with cream instead. While driving back, we decided to visit the Mapro Garden in Panchgani (it’s a lovely little hill station in Maharashtra, India) and everywhere we looked there were strawberries or strawberry products. The Mapro Garden is filled with strawberry shaped stuff and off-course fresh strawberries and strawberry products which you can taste for free.

With so much of the red little fruit around us, we finally gave in to the temptation of trying out the famous strawberry with cream there. And despite the fact that we do not even like strawberries, we thought the strawberries were pretty good, which probably means that those who actually like strawberries would love it.

They even have an annual strawberry festival in Panchgani which is supposed to be great fun and you can eat strawberries for free. It took place in April this year, so we missed it. But if you love strawberries, this is the place to go next summer.