A very awesome friend who knows my love (*sarcasm*) for fifty shades of Grey had posted a rather funny article from Buzzfeed where a girl decided to create a OkCupid account to see what happens when she replies to guys with quotes from fifty shades of grey. So that’s when we wondered how would Indian guys react to the Inner Goddess’ Gyaan. And here’s what happened:

This Dude did not find it odd at all and played along….

And then he totally got into it and then decided to slow things down and ask stuff on the lines of ASL…

                           And there our conversation ended. I almost died laughing.

This guy gets extra points for his enthusiasm! – 

And while he was clueless at first, he eventually figured it out

                             You guessed it right brother! 50 shades indeed.

This one tried playing along, but probably decided the heavy duty funny replies were not worth it, so stopped replying – 

He probably thought the last reply was too much drama and thought “to hell with this weird girl”

And then came a guy who pinged me with a funny message and when it was my turn to reply, he got it at one go! 

                    “Saala Billionaire Bastard”, Totally cracked me up

This dude figured it out at one go too – 

Yes, I already read it, regret it and now I am subjecting random men to it.

This guy was so confused, it took him one hour to reply!

I was in fits of laughter already and did not have the heart to baffle him further. Also I was sick of copy pasting fifty shades of Grey quotes. So there the experiment ended. Cheers!