“She was like a hurricane”, he grinned

Soft at first, like the autumn breeze

Embracing you in its balmy wind

Giving the dying air a new lease 

Like kisses soothing every wrinkled crease

Each movement seemed aimed to please 

The trees swaying in a happy dance

Birds flapping & chirping in joyous trance

All lulled by her deceptively sweet song

But nothing that magical can last too long

The wind gathers speed at a scary pace 

Like a scorned lover in a crazed state

Whose soft arms hit now like iron mace

You run for cover but can’t escape fate 

The trees now shiver, birds cry scared

All pleading mercy but none is spared 

They fall from roots, winged souls from nests

Pounded to the pulp like puny little pests

Then go your windows and soon your doors 

Its wrath like apocalypse from mythical lores

Tearing down home like she would your heart 

You ignored warning signs from the start

Now left with broken pieces, bruised & battered

Everything in chaos, the town all scattered

And then the struggle to recover & keep sane

“She was much like this hurricane”, he grinned again