Priah Ferguson is an easy favorite with most ‘Stranger Things’ fans for her portrayal of the spunky outspoken Erica Sinclair and the child star will soon be headlining her own horror-comedy movie. Netflix dropped the official trailer for ‘The Curse of Bridge Hollow’, which follows the supernatural adventures of a family that’s moved to a small town where Halloween is pretty BIG.

Directed by Jeff Wadlow, the film looks quite entertaining! Ferguson plays Sydney, who accidentally unleashes a curse which brings all the Halloween decorations to life, so a whole bunch of animated skeletons, clowns, ghosts go on a rampage around town. Marlon Wayans plays Feguson’s father in the film and the two team up to fight the new monsters. So it’s a bit like ghost-busters, except that the fate of an entire town rests on the shoulders of an inexperienced and clueless dad-daughter duo.

The film releases on October 14th.