The worst thing that can happen to a writer is quite obviously the infamous “writer’s block”. And while most people would think that it cannot be a more terrible time for it to happen than when you have a deadline. But for some of us the agony is more when you just want to write for writings sake and cannot! Like when you want to sing to yourself just to calm your nerves down but you have such a bad throat that your voice refuses to come out. Just like the writer’s voice refuses to take form on paper. Not because your editor is breathing down your neck, threatening to fire you if you do not submit your copy on time. But because you just want to unwind and writing is your way of letting off steam.


It’s like you are dying to be a part of a conversation, you have so much pent up thoughts but just do not know how to say it. And to think that there are a billion things happening right now in this moment but you have nothing to talk about. How strange is that?

There are probably a dozen random things running through your head right now, but you have chosen to read this, instead of writing something yourself. Just like I have chosen to rant about my inability to decide on something more concrete to write about and thus ending up typing about my failure to write anything. Ironic. Yes, indeed.