The gorgeous cover and the beautiful splash of colors is what makes ‘The Girl From The Sea’, a graphic novel by Molly Knox Ostertag stand out. The story follows 15-year-old Morgan, who is part of a fun girl group, but she cannot wait to finish school and get away from her friends and family, so she can live her life without carrying secrets. But all her plans go for a toss, when one night, she meets a beautiful creature called Keltie, who saves her from drowning and makes her see life on her little island in a new light.

I love how Molly Knox starts off the story with a teen-group-chat, making it a relatable contemporary comic. Morgan and her best-friends discuss shopping, boys, parties and all the other regular stuff teen girls do. It’s a pretty cliche group by Morgan’s own admission. And then there’s Keltie, who is not like anybody she has met before. Will their two worlds unite in a happy ending?

While the story is cute, one feels like the author tries to squeeze in too many themes that make the graphic novel feel very rushed and unfulfilling. It’s a classic romantic tale with a touch of modernity, with a gay protagonist, ‘cool’ adults, endless texting and a predictable climax. However, all the characters are drawn so well, against settings that are completely inviting, that it will leave most readers turning pages till the end.

The mixing of modern day relationships, with fantasy-like elements, along with environmental issues makes for an interesting read. Although one wishes there was more story. It’s a 4/5 from me, extra love for the captivating artwork.