Hello new year and new issue of ‘The Least We Can Do’ by the talented duo Iolanda Zanfardino and Eliza Romboli! Things get dangerous for protagonist Uriel in issue #5 – she is tasked with an undercover mission where there’s a high risk of her identity being compromised.

(Read: ‘The Least We Can Do’ – Issue #1 Review for plot overview)

The issue begins with a heist and the panels are jam-packed with action. Readers go on a roller coaster ride that begins with a bloody fight and ends with a fancy gala filled with aristocrats. With a lot of stuff going on, character-development takes a slight backseat in this issue, however readers do get a brief glimpse into the soft side of the hot-headed Sam and Uriel sees the captain in new light too. Also, an intriguing new sub-plot is introduced – the mysterious death of a woman who was the twin sister of Uriel’s father.

While class warfare remains the primary theme of ‘The Least We Can Do’, creator Eliza Romboli also makes members of ‘Eclipse Rebels’ stand-up against heteronormativity and a nice non-hetero romance seems to be brewing between two crucial characters. As always – Iolanda Zanfardino’s expressive art breathes excitement into the story and the issue gets over in a blink!

It’s a 4/5 from me.

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