I always wanted to do nothing. Yes, I said it right. Nothing. Somehow that bothers a lot of people than I could have ever possibly imagined. “How can you want to do nothing?”. That is the standard question which is thrown at me when I reveal to someone my deep dark desire of wanting to do nothing in life.

There was a time when I thought that what I wanted was a perfectly normal thing to want. I assumed that there are millions like me who want just that and that maybe they are just not comfortable telling it out loud. What is this stigma attached to “nothing”?. Not like I am saying I want to be a criminal. A friend once said what I am saying is “morally wrong”, really? Another friend pointed out that it is a “socially unacceptable answer”, see now that is something I understand. People who are not ambitious  at all are scary. Very scary. But I do have an ambition, mine is – survive life without doing much.

I have not been blogging for the past few days, no prizes for guessing that I was doing almost close to nothing the past few days. Now that I am without a job, that state is easier to achieve. But the society has a way of getting to you, of managing to make you feel bad about just everything you do or in my case – things you do not. Like for example, I am perfectly happy oversleeping a couple of hours, that state is bliss, but all of those around me are usually hell bent at making me feel miserable about “wasting time sleeping”. I feel that phrase is such a paradox. Any time spent sleeping is time well spent. (I have a really hard time sleeping most of the time)

No, but they will have you believe you should not sleep too much, you must wake up, do some boring chores, go slog your ass off at your work place, come back all groggy and tired, help with making dinner, or just eat dinner, maybe talk about your day, run some errands and then finally go catch some sleep.

If the goal at the end of the day is to climb into your bed and snuggle into a cozy blanket, why is it such a big deal to do it more often than other people? Yes I know this is a silly matter. A matter not worth discussing perhaps. But all I am saying this necessity of deeds makes the blogging bee bleed.

You want to make the world a better place by doing admirable stuff, go ahead, I will join in with others to applaud your efforts. I want to keep the world a better place by doing nothing so that way I am contributing to not making it any worse.