‘The Perfect Murder’ is a collection of short stories compiled by one of India’s most loved writer who elusively lives in the hills of Mussoorie. I am going to keep my review short of this one.

Ruskin Bond has chosen wisely for this collection of short stories. It had one of my favourites by Alan Edgar Poe – The Cask of Amontillado – a story that is intriguing till the last page.

The stories take you back to bygone eras and amuse you with their peculiarities. Bond’s own little short makes you wonder if it’s fact or fiction. There’s a mash of everything in here- murder, mystery, greed, lust, vengeance, betrayal and serial killers on the prowl.

While I am not sure what my expectation with this book were, it made for a fulfilling read. ‘The Perfect Murder’ is perfect for pleasant evenings with a strong cup of tea/coffee on the sides.

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