In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All or Nothing?.”

Nothing can make some people happy and some people are happy with nothing. While the latter seems like a happier lot, the society they live in is always conspiring to make them feel miserable about their non-existent ambitions. It’s like you are living out an oxymoron!

I have never attempted to respond to the Daily Post’s writing prompt before, but I could not stay away from this theme. For only a few days back I was seriously pondering upon how I am perfectly okay with doing nothing, but everybody else (mostly my beloved parents) is screaming bloody murder about it. “Do something”, my dad told me on a phone call only a few minutes back. But then here is the problem, “nothing” is a variable term. For me, the writing, sketching, reading I do is almost everything I need to live a happy life, but that same everything means ‘nothing’ to a lot of people.

It seems as if, if you are not doing something for money it amounts to nothing. I do not put any less effort than a salaried writer at a magazine, in fact, I probably put more heart in my writing than a salaried writer.

And so the point about which is more dangerous – wanting all or wanting nothing, depends on what the all or nothing is!