For the first 20 minutes, the 2021 serial-killer thriller “There’s Someone Inside Your House” is gripping, well-shot, with some really good slasher scenes. But by the third victim, the plot becomes hair-brained, and things stop to make sense. It’s evident that the killer has some miscalculated motives.

Directed by Patrick Brice, the film is based on a novel by Stephanie Perkins, while the screenplay is by Henry Gayden. The plot is about how a bunch of soon-to-graduate high school students are being murdered one by one, and their darkest secrets are left exposed to the entire world by the assailant. While the first two victims seemed like complete jerks, you soon begin to question the agenda of the murderer. Also, the daring ways in which some of the killings take place defy logic and also make the local police look like complete sitting ducks.

None of the student actors stand-out, so there’s little point in mentioning anybody, lest it seem unfair, since everyone is equally mediocre. It’s your typical slasher movie, just looks better than most, as is the case with most Netflix productions – the story might be shit, but the screenplay looks good. To the credit of the makers, ‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ does have some impressively executed murder scenes. It’s just that the climax is disappointing, and they lose the plot midway through the movie.

It’s a 5/10 from me.

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