By Sneha Jaiswal (Twitter | Instagram)

The 2022 “Through The Window” (A través de mi ventana) sounded like an intriguing film. It’s supposedly about a girl who stalks her super-rich neighbor and as luck would have it – he notices her too, and a game of flirting begins. The trailer makes one expect a romance-gone-wrong, a potential thriller maybe, but all you get is a pile of mediocrity.

Directed by Marcal Fores, the film stars Clara Galle as Raquel, the girl who is obsessed with her neighbor Ares (Julio Pena). And for some reason, pretty much every second guy in the film seems to be better looking than Ares. Both his brothers have more charm, even Raquel’s best-friend seems like a more appealing option. Anyway…. shallow problems aside…. “Through My Window” starts off interesting, but soon turns to every old trick used in typical high-school romances.

Ares is the classic “rich player boy” lead, who changes girls every day. Raquel is an aspiring writer with an obsessive crush on Ares, unaware that her best-friend loves her. You have seen this somewhere, haven’t you? Only how the leads meet is slightly new – Ares uses Raquel’s WiFi without her permission, by hacking into her system and stealing the password. And not once does Raquel care to wonder why the millionaire boy who parties in VIP clubs and casually gifts iPhones to girls, is using her WiFi? Her great romance that begins with a WiFi connection is plain silly, even though Ares eventually does reveal the stupid AF reason.

All the characters are one-dimensional, it’s just another typical college movie, except that it has more steamier scenes than the average teen flick. The climax is plain boring, with a twist that makes many mediocre 90s movies look like cinema gems. I already can’t remember what the leading couple looked like. That’s how forgettable ‘Through My Window’ is.

It’s a 4/10 from me.

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