There’s nothing more fun than spotting celebrity doppelgangers. For the longest time, some of us used to think the lead actor in the 2009 romantic-comedy ‘500 Days of Summer’ was Katy Perry, while it’s actually Zooey Deschanel. Only years later, when the internet became more insidious in our lives, did we realize they were two very different people. In fact, Katy Perry has admitted that she used to pretend to be Zooey to hit clubs for free, before she got famous herself.

And now, we’ve spotted another celebrity doppelganger! While fans have already spoken about how actors Timothy Chalamet of ‘Call Me By Your Name’ fame and Natalia Dyer from ‘Stranger Things’ look like twins, there is an Indian actor who resembles them. We saw her in the trailer for Netflix India’s 2021 series ‘Feels Like Ishq’.

“Timothy Chalamet ki behen! Ya Natalia Dyer ki twin?” (Timothy Chalamet’s sister! Or Natalia Dyer’s twin?) – we quickly commented on the youtube trailer. That was really the only thing that made us excited about the video. Look at the image below, on your left is Dyer & on the right is the Indian artist.

A quick search on the internet revealed she is indie musician Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, who is a graduate of Berklee College of Music. What we didn’t expect was a direct reply from Sanjeeta to our comment. She was a total sport who was amused by the comparison and replied saying she was perhaps both (Chalamet’s sister & Dyer’s twin).

Sanjeeta is playing the most interesting character in “Feels Like Ishq” – a bisexual woman who finds herself attracted to a pretty colleague. Indian shows are finally embracing sexual diversity and portraying positive LGBTQ+ characters. Well, Sanjeeta seems to be quite the trailblazer like Timothy Chalamet, whose break out role was that of a young gay teen in ‘Call Me By Your Name”.