The sitcom ‘Friends’ for the longest time had been a ‘comfort show’ for a lot of people my age. So whenever somebody visited and we just wanted to watch something for some entertainment, I too would turn to the golden six of the popular series. But not anymore. Now when friends are over, I prefer picking series that have episodes that aren’t connected to each other. And my favorite among them is ‘Tiny House Nation’, a perfect pick to watch with friends and family, especially if your guests fall in the older age bracket.

Tiny House Nation is a reality television series, hosted by two renovation experts called John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin, who help families design and build their dream homes, which are tiny, as in no more than 450 square feet. Although the biggest tiny home they help build was almost 600 square feet. What I love about this show is how the renovators find out as much as they can about the personalities of the home-owners, and then incorporate designs and changes into the living-spaces. They come up with innovative ideas for furniture and rooms that the families would never think of. Best part – the solutions are always economical.

Having lived in several houses in the last few years, and having had a nightmarish time finding a decent carpenter to build things that we would want to for ourselves, it’s heartwarming to see how Zack Giffin goes the extra mile to build things that will make families happy. “We should have paid them and got them all the way from America to build our house”, my mother half-joked, when I watched the series the second time, for her. Builders in India are nothing sort of giant pain in the ass for a lot of people, and forget going beyond what you asked for, they screw up even the most specific of instructions.

Both John and Zack are friendly and goofy, with the latter being the more hard-working one. Zack is always bubbling with ideas and worries about the houses they are building as if they are his own. Together, the two of them ensure families who’ve never lived in a small 300 square feet house, know what to expect and get the maximum out of the little space they get. If every builder had the same approach, there would be a lot less disgruntled home-owners around the world.

Watch this show next time you have somebody over and don’t know what to stream. It’s available on Netflix.