Multiverse travel, body-swapping, life after death and what not, the 2022 Thai series ‘Vice Versa’ packs in a bizarre tale to two young men trapped in an alternate world, wrapped in unfamiliar faces. The two need to find a ‘port key’ if they want to return back to their normal lives, but until then, they need to fit in their current new roles. It’s one of those shows that should’ve been limited to six-eight episodes, but the makers stretch it on for twelve.

Directed by X Nuttapong Mongkolsawas, ‘Vice Versa’ follows Talay (Sea Tawinan), who wakes up as Tess, a rich brat and he meets the charming Puen (Jimmy Jitaraphol) who also is in someone else’s body. The two team up to find out a way to get back to their worlds and what ensues is a beautifully shot but too long drama about falling in love and going back home. Both the leads look great onscreen, but that’s because they are gorgeous, their actual chemistry is almost non-existent. The protagonists give off a very ‘dude friends’ vibe, rather than the romantic mood the makers try to create.

The writers should’ve just made this a platonic body-swapping story, instead of the exceedingly cosmetic romance served to viewers. Fans who just want to see a cute cast with minimal story should be satisfied with ‘Vice Versa’, others might have a hard time finishing all episodes.

It’s a 4/10 from me.

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