The mere trickery of light may lead some to believe that the sky has descended to embrace the sea. That it has fallen finally to the ground. But touch the water and you shall know, that the sky is still at a distance and it will never be any closer than the farthest it is in that moment. And thus, it is the mere trickery of the heart, that may lead some to believe, that he or she has left their old ways of dark to embrace light. That they have finally risen from the ground.

What but mirage, is their facade of faith, of trust in love. And yet we believe, like thirst driven nomads, who quench their desire with just far off sights and assuage the heart with the promise of getting their soon enough. And we keep walking in faith and the oasis gets further away. But not once does it strike the minds, that maybe mere trickery of light.

Such is the way of the heart.

It believes that the sea meets the sky in the far away horizon. Even if the water at your feet is muddy and filled with rocks.