It’s 11 pm in my part of the world and I am having a nice hot cup of tea. So comforting.

But here’s what happened today – two of my closest friends got married and the wedding ceremony started at 7.30 am. I can’t really remember the last time I woke up at 5.30 am in the morning to get ready, but I do remember when I slept at that time last – day before.

With Covid-19 crippling travel across the country, we don’t do short trips and treks anymore. Those are the only things I usually wake up early for – flights and hikes. I honestly just wanted to cry when my 5.30 am alarm started ringing, since we had partied till 2 am (there were only 7 of us by the way, it was just a small intimate gathering). Despite knowing fully well that all of us had to be ready by 7 am for the wedding. But hey, how can you not party the night with the bride and the groom?! Especially when the groom is my high-school friend and the bride is my college friend. Yes, I played ‘cupid’. And I haven’t been this happy for two people in a long time.

It’s the first wedding we were attending in ‘the times of Covid19’. And gosh, it had been a bit of a nightmare for the couple to plan everything. Because when they had decided on their wedding date, the covid cases in the city were pretty low. But just two weeks before the wedding, new rules were rolled in – due to spike in cases. One of the new rules was – a total lockdown every Sunday. Guess what – the wedding was on Sunday. First there was panic and then came all the planning. The couple had to rush to cops and local officials to figure out permissions and everything. With a generous dollop of stress on the sides.

Now that the wedding is done with, I am so glad they decided to go ahead with it and just be done. Because given the situation, it looks like things are only going to get worse. And that they would have had a tougher time if the wedding date was any later. Just yesterday night, the state government decided to impose a complete lockdown in the city from day-after, for nine days. Welcome to unexpected times! We got saved by a day!