It’s ‘Pride Month’ in the U.S and since more and more Americans are consuming all things South Korean – be it K-pop, K-Dramas or K-Movies and Koffees (read Dalgona), so it’s time we shift our gaze to ‘Where Your Eyes Linger’.

Han Gi Chan and Jang Eui Soo play the lead roles in this new Korean mini-series that just finished airing all of its eight episodes this week. So what’s so special about it? For starters, it’s been touted as South-Korea’s first ‘BL’ series. BL is short for ‘Boys Love’.

I have seen a few Korean films with LGBT themes and they tend to be tragic. And Korean films can be real tear-jerkers. But ‘Where Your Eyes Linger’ is an exception to that. Also, how are all these Korean lead actors so bloody good looking? Just HOW?

Any-who… The story revolves around the rich and handsome brat Han Tae Joo, who is a playboy and keeps changing girlfriends, but is deeply attracted to his equally good-looking male bodyguard Kang Gook. There is a lot of tension between the two men because of their repressed feelings and things get a lot more complicated when a girl starts showing interest in Kang Gook.

The boys go to the same college and are in constant company of each other, however Kang Gook keeps referring to himself as Tae Joo’s ‘servant’. Even though the two seem to share an equal sort of friendship. All the actors ace their roles. And like the title suggests, the eyes do a LOT of talking.

The best thing about K-dramas is that they are short and sweet. The makers usually know when to end things and rarely drag their feet through the story-telling. Within just eight episodes, we see a fifteen year old ‘Man and Master’ relationship culminate into forbidden love.

WIll Kang Gook and Tae Joo let their relationship plateau at platonic friendship? Well, watch the series. Also, this one deserves a season two!