There are days when you will wake up in a cold sweat, wondering what the hell is happening in your life. Or well, may be there would be no cold sweat but you just would not want to wake up at all.

“Why should I wake up?”, is a good question to ask yourself when it is time to drag those sleepy legs out of the bed.

The answer is however, more important. If the answer in your head in not satisfactory and does not bring a little smile on your face, then there is perhaps some self introspection that is needed.

I am pretty infamous in the family for my extremely unhealthy sleeping habit. Only recently when I was on a family vacation, there was a day when there were about 20 family members at our place. We had a long busy, hectic day, every body went to bed late. The next day, I was the only person who woke up at 12 noon. Everybody else was up before ten am, some way before, 6 am sorts. My grandmother’s sister was also around. So when I woke up in a daze and walked like a zombie towards the bathroom, she wondered out loud “You woke up now?!”. There was the slight tone of elderly disapproval in her voice. When I told her I slept at around 3 am, she seemed a little reassured that I was not a lazy sloth who had overslept.

The very next day, some of us were supposed to be traveling to a hill station and had to leave at 4 am. 4 am. That is when I sometimes hit the sack! So well, I slept early, which would also be the time everybody else slept. I was obviously extremely excited at the prospect of traveling. And no surprises for guessing that I was the first one to get up and get ready. The others woke up later than me. Those in the family who did not know me were mighty impressed that I was already ready.

“She is always ready to go traveling, then she will have no trouble waking up”, my mom said smiling to the other members.

Traveling gives me a sense of purpose, even if it is temporary. Only when I have to go some place to visit do I have a satisfactory answer to my “why should I wake up” question. Or well, if there is good coffee awaiting. *winks*

Why do you wake up?