Netflix dropped the trailer for its 2021 series “Young Royals”, which follows the story of Wilhem, a young prince from the Swedish Royal family. He is packed off to a fancy school for the super wealthy after a bar fight and finds himself attracted to a male classmate. So will Wilhem choose to put his family reputation at risk to find love or choose to hang those feelings in the closet? That seems to be pretty much the story.

We have already seen a lot of LGBTQ+ films with the same themes, except this time – you have some royalty involved. Book enthusiasts seem to be reminded of the popular gay romance novel “Red, White & Royal Blue” from the trailer; while movie fans may see it as a mash between the series “Elite” and the classic British film “Maurice”. Honestly, the climax choice is really about whether the makers are going to give us a progressive LGBTQ+ romance or some regressive drivel about “choosing honor over an honest relationship”.

The cast looks interesting and who doesn’t like a good fancy boarding school setting in a pretty country? The series looks intriguing and promising. Watch the trailer for yourself (embedded below).

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