When volume one of ’30 Days of Night’ by Steve Niles ended, as a reader you wonder “how could he possible continue this story?”. Because the climax offered a pretty conclusive end. However, volume two of this comic series turned out be better than its predecessor, with a new cop in the lead.

Perhaps the fact that there’s a solid back-story to the snowy town of Barrow helps in making the story more interesting, building an adequate sense of suspense over how the author will carry the narrative forward. So while volume one was all about carnage by vampires in the town of Barrow, where the sun doesn’t rise for 30 days. Volume two begins a few years after that dark event, where the townsfolk live in fear of reprisal, because the rest of the world doesn’t believe half the town was wiped out by blood-suckers.

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The art-style is pretty much the same, blurry and not all that great to look at. But the story is tighter, even though there are some loopholes. A new cop comes to Barrow, in hopes to find out the truth behind his brother’s death, who was accused of murdering his wife and child before dying out in a huge fire in town. (That bodies of vampire victims were covered up in a fire in the earlier comics). The period of no sun is just around the corner and Barrow cops are all geared up to defend their land. Interestingly, a different pack of vampires decide its a good idea to go to Barrow and eat everybody up, so they don’t leave any eyewitnesses this time and also avenge the death of the fallen vampires. Two birds in one shot.

Just like last time around, there is ample action, a lot of blood and killings. Despite not looking like your modern slick comics, Steve Niles keeps the story fast, entertaining, without dwelling into any deeper philosophical questions or moral lessons. It’s an all out battle of blood and wits between vampires and humans, with very little time for emotional moments or drama. Some readers maybe left wanting more, but for some others it might just be the perfect entertaining vampire comic, with a dark mood and a very interesting cliffhanger.

While with the first volume you are made to think maybe it doesn’t need a sequel, with volume two, you NEED a sequel. It’s a 4/5 from me.

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