Finished reading book number 63 this year. “Aftermath” by Tanya Parker suprised me by the sheer number of poems it packs in. There are over 100 poems, ranging from short Haikus to longer ruminations. I am guilty of enjoying some of the insta-style quick poems, which otherwise am very dismissive of. Sample these lines from one titled ‘Raging Artistry’ –

“There was beauty
in her vulnerability.
Her poetry was honest.
It came from years of silence.”

It’s short but philosophical, very relatable for creatives who find solace in the written word. Maybe that’s why I liked it so much.

With 100s of poems in the book, some of the themes do become slightly repetitive. As far as the style is concerned, there is no distinct pattern in the poetry but I liked that bit about the writing. As you flip pages, you are not sure what to expect – it could be a brief four line love note or a forty line lament that resembles a diary entry. A lot of them seem deeply personal, while others might appear to be general observations associated with heartbreak.

I found Tanya on Twitter and she regularly posts poetry on the micro-blogging site too. She is a contemporary voice worth exploring if you want to read new poetry.