There is something about old churches, something powerfully strange, I wish I knew a nice antonym for the word ‘diabolical’, or something as good a word as that but not with all the negative connotations. In my defence, I even looked up the dictionary, and all they offered as antonyms were – gentle, nice, good – are you kidding me?!

Old buildings fascinate me, no matter what kinds, they could be proud old palaces or ancient crumbling brick houses of a common farmer, each architectural product, each building, at some point held a story within itself. Stories we will never know. And that is why old buildings are so fascinating to me. This church was a part of an old fort in Diu, it was gated and locked, so unfortunately we could not see it from the inside.

It was a simple enough structure, except withered with age. Religion can be both scary and a good thing; structures that define it – churches, temples, mosques – they all have an aura, not necessarily positive, but it’s hard to give it a name. They stand for so many things that is both right and wrong with our society.

If you are smart enough you might have sensed the pun in the title. If you didn’t, it’s all right.