Have you ever been to a local train station that is buzzing with life, teeming with so many people that it is hard to find your own ground. Where you have to push your way through if you ever want to get to the entrance of the train you are waiting for, battle for some space to stand properly, without being covered in the sweat of others? If you haven’t maybe you are lucky, or maybe you have missed an interesting experience in life.

The past few months I have been traveling in peak hours and the experiences would make for a nice separate blog in themselves I guess. Space is a luxury in a local train. So one fine day, when I had a late night train, I was in for a different experience – an almost empty station. What a breeze of fresh air it was!

It all seemed so strange and funny for the first few seconds – a platform without people! And the best part was the fact that I could finally take a decent picture of the hanging clocks they have, without some intruder photobombing the picture.

The clock was actually the first picture I had taken as I slowly made my way to catch my train, it’s departure time was still a good half an hour away. And so, I just made use of the opportunity to take more photos. Like the lampshade below.

There was so much space to sit, I could have just slept nicely across the chairs if I had more time to kill. The drawback to the late night time was that the bookstore was closed. That was a bit of a bummer, not that I planned on buying anything to read, but I love browsing books anyway. Bookstores make me happy.

And then well, there was no pop corn either, that is something I would have wanted to buy, but the food stalls were closed too. Not all of them off-course, that station’s gotta have 24*7 food stalls and it did. But this one was closed.

The air was lighter and not heavy with human sweat, there was a soft breeze flowing across and the strange emptiness was a welcome change. I miss the empty corridors, now that I am back to travelling only in the hurried bustle of the fast paced city life in the day.