We all have friends.

And when we hit a certain age, most of them are planning life-changing goals.

A few of my close friends are already married. A really close friend has a pretty baby girl, while another is planning to expand her family.

A lot of my friends are contemplating marriage.

Some have their eyes set on dates they want to get hitched on.

Photo courtesy – wikimedia commons

There are others who are planning to buy a house, to place to call their own, something they can proudly beam about when they invite people over for a nice cup of hot tea.

Some are charting serious career goals, working really hard, busting their asses of, to get that promotion they think they really deserve. Their reasons might be different, some may love their jobs, many hate it, but their is the dream of a certain life that one wants to have and has to strive for it.

Then there are those, the rare ones, who are on their journey to find who they really are, the inspirational ones, that are doing what they love best. Quitting their jobs to publish their book. Maybe their poetry. To travel around the world. To teach underprivileged children. To make a difference.

And there is me and I have one important long term goal for now – cut my hair in March before it gets too hot and annoying.