‘Diwali’ is one of the biggest festivals in India. And every year it finds itself in midst of a controversy owing to the massive amount of air pollution caused by it. And although I am not a big fan of the festival, I won’t lie about this – I love watching the pretty fireworks in the sky. And Diwali is like the prettiest festival. Glittering lamps and shiny lights everywhere. Every second house is decorated like a bride. Even your office makes you feel the festivities in the air.

I recently walked into office in what looked like pyjamas to a few colleagues.

‘Did you just wake up from bed and walked to office in your pyjamas?’, someone asked.

‘Yes, and I want to go back to my bed’ I said.

And what he said did not bother me at all. The sudden appearance of decorations everywhere is what hit me. My office was more dressed up than I was. A LOT MORE.


That decoration is from my office floor outside the entrance. It looked so nice. And this is just some of the simple stuff one comes across.

This one belonged to our neighbours, looked quite nice in the dim light actually. It was hard to capture the lit lanterns on my phone because the light would reflect badly. Or I would have put up pictures of some of the gorgeous lanterns I saw too. Will just have to do with the pretty sightings on the floor.