A journalist friend of mine who fact-checks news items and posts that go viral online texted me asking if I could quickly check if a book titled ‘MASTERSTROKE: 420 secrets that helped PM in India’s employment growth!’ was a blank book. The author’s name was a pseudonym – Berozgar Bhakt (Unemployed Devotee).

Of-course it was blank. 56 pages completely blank. No back cover. In-fact, even the front cover doesn’t show up when you download the book on your kindle device. I have a kindle-unlimited subscription, so I was able to download the silly e-book for free. On the right side of the image below, you can see a screenshot of the book from my kindle app for phones. Blank pages. It’s a book joke all right.

The book was published on May 23rd 2021, just two days after another Indian published a book called “Nice!!!” with nothing but the word “Nice” repeated over its pages.

Yes, Amazon will let you publish anything. They do not have the time to quality-check thousands of books that are self-published every day. Here’s a look inside the book on Modi and some hilarious 5 star reviews of the blank book –