Stumbled upon a Zack Snyder interview to entertainment site Polygon where he talks about having an insane idea for the sequel to his 2021 film ‘Army of the Dead’ that is now available to stream on Netflix.

During the conversation about the movie, Snyder discusses some easter-eggs and then asks the interviewer if they spotted a ‘robot zombie’.

“How about the robot zombie? Did you catch those?” he says with a sinister chuckle. I did not, in fact, catch the robot zombies.

Excerpt from the Polygon interview

Well, the Polygon interviewer may not have spotted the robot zombies, but we did! Right when we saw the film for the first and only time. It was during a chaotic zombie-fighting sequence, where the hero Dave Bautista and his crew are trying to ward off the flesh-eaters.

“Was that a robot zombie?!” we had even exclaimed out to each other, because when one of the Zombies was hit with the bullet, it did not bleed, but let off sparks like it was The Terminator. We didn’t think much of it and went with the flow and then by some providence, I stumbled upon the Polygon interview!

Anyway, we made a video out of the zombie robot sequence, so that you won’t have to hunt for it –

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