Hold a coke with your boobs to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. Uh.. what?!

Until today, I was blissfully unaware about the #holdacokewithyourboobs challenge. It works on the lines of the ALS Ice bucket challenge, where the challenge involved is to hold a coke with your boobs and take a selfie and post it online to raise awareness about breast cancer.

This video is pretty all right, but most of the other videos that women put up seemed to border on being a soft porn ad for coke. Nothing to do with cancer awareness. But I was confused. What is the challenge trying to convey? That if you do not get yourself checked on time and if you do not take precautions to keep breast cancer at bay, you will not be able to stuff coke between your bosom and do a jiggle? Because well, it’s the real thing and you gotta be able able to grasp it with your assets.

How is someone with breast cancer supposed to feel good about a challenge like that? On further reading you get to know that it never started as an awareness campaign at all but was just a silly challenge started by some adult entertainment company. Some people thought that the idea was fun and could be used as a way to raise awareness and also get people to donate if they do not take up the challenge. Which means – this challenge will either make a lot more money for Breast Cancer than ALS or make a lot of Voyeurs happy.

I came across a small interesting article which was about the response of a young woman with breast cancer to this challenge. It is a clear “fuck you” to all the people out there doing this challenge. Maybe that is not how everybody else thinks, but it is definitely a strong viewpoint. A viewpoint a lot of people would agree with. What happened to the good old pink ribbon on your shirt?