Say hello to the craziest episode of ‘Blue Lock’ yet. The final match between Team Z & V is still ongoing and akin to a crazy choreographed orchestra, which might not make sense but is entertaining nonetheless.

(Read ‘Blue Lock’ Episode 1 Review if you have no idea what the show is about)

After Team Z’s ‘awaking’ in previous episode, the unbeatable trio of Reo Mikage, Nagi Seishiro, Zantetsu Tsurugi are forced to see their opponents in new light. We get a flashback for Wataru Kuon, which at this stage of an exciting match seemed unnecessary. Who is interested in knowing why a guy like that would betray his own team? Still, viewers get glimpses of his school games and it does nothing to make him likable. Perhaps its time for us to get some insight on Blue Lock mastermind Jinpachi Ego instead. But he is nowhere to be seen during the game.

Apart from Kuon’s back-story, episode ten is largely driven by Isagi’s narrative, who finally figures out his true capabilities and the way he calculates everything during the soccer game was comically intense and exaggerated. His head is like a computer and the creators slip in some graphics to explain the strategy unfolding inside his brain. Unfortunately for fans, the chapter ends at a crucial juncture – just as a possessed Isagi says “this is our last chance” when a team member passes the ball to him!

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