Apart from being a giant ad for the luxury jewellery retailer in its title, the 2022 movie ‘Something from Tiffany’s’ starring Zoey Dutch and Kendrick Samson is a sweet holiday romance. Like most flicks in the genre, it is obviously slightly unrealistic, but the perfect stream for those looking for a romantic Christmas themed film.

Directed by Daryl Wein and based on a book by Melissa Hill, the film is about two men accidentally swapping their Tiffany gift bags, the mix up leads to some life-changing events. One bag had earrings while the other one contained an extravagant engagement ring. Zoey Dutch plays baker/cafe owner Rachel Meyer who spots the swapped bag and thinks her boyfriend wants to marry her, unaware that the ring belongs to someone else. But the confusion also leads to her meeting the ‘right’ man.

Since the story is set during Christmas in New York, the cinematography captures a lot of holiday cheer with scenic shots of decked up streets and pretty city lights. Zoey Dutch is adorable as the lead and her chemistry with Kendrick Samson is rather cute. Since Zoey is a baker, there’s a lot of delicious looking food peppered through the runtime that might want viewers to grab a bite. Jojo T Gibbs plays Terri Blake, Zoey’s best-friend and business partner, who is over-protective, meddling and entertaining as the boss-lady who thinks her BFF deserves better than the self-centered tattoo artist (Ray Nicholson) she is dating.

‘Something from Tiffany’s’ is predictable but surprisingly has a drama-free climax, even though it did seem like the plot was heading towards a typical ‘grand gesture’ scene to have a romantic ‘happy ending’.

It’s a 7/10 from me. Stream it on Prime Video.

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