Anime series ‘Blue Lock’ is on a roll with intense dramatic back-to-back crazily competitive soccer matches. Episode six starts off with Isagi and his Team Z strategizing for their next face-off. They are to lock horns with Team W, a much stronger team whose key players are an insanely talented pair of brothers.

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While the creators have been playing with different art styles in the series so far, this was the first time they introduced two characters who looked distinctly different from the rest of the cast. Wanima Keisuke and Wanima Jun-ichi, the aces of Team W look more like demon puppets animated to life, which made for a fun creative choice, because they truly are like monsters while playing. Their incredible co-ordination and play style intimidates rival players almost immediately and their character designs make them seem hilariously scary.

Some serious strategizing, followed by an unbelievably thrilling match filled with smashing goals, episode six was pretty exciting. The background music does a great job of enhancing the competitive mood of the soccer match. While episode 5 shed brief light upon a character called Chigiri, viewers get more idea about his past and mental state. Will his inability to move on from the past cost his team or can Isagi help Chigiri out of his slump and be great at soccer again?

Since ‘Blue Lock’ is all about “ego”, the theme is pushed to the forefront in the second half of the episode, and some players have taken Ego’s (the dude in-charge of the facility) ideas about ego too literally. Not everybody is playing for their team and Isagi will have to learn some really hard lessons about who to trust. The episode ends with a major unexpected twist and we cannot wait to stream the next edition!

You can stream the series on Netflix.

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