The game is on! Episode 5 of Japanese anime ‘Blue Lock’ continues from where the last one ended; Team Y and Team Z facing-off each other in a tense soccer match. The whole ‘do or die’ atmosphere makes this one of the best episodes yet. Protagonist Isagi Yoichi and all his team players put all their might into outwitting and outplaying their opponents.

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The script slowly and systematically adds additional layers to each character in Isagi’s team, so every episode he speaks to different player for viewers to learn about their traits. For example, in episode 4, Isagi bonds with Kunigami at the cafeteria, while in the fifth one he interacts with the elusive red-haired Chigiri as the two boys watch game footage of the previous match.

There’s a lot strategy, sweat and tears during the match and Isagi finally gets a taste of what it means to be an egoistic self-centered striker. ‘Does that make me a jerk,’ he seriously wonders. I love how the series strikes a balance between both male camaraderie and rivalry. One one hand Team Z players have to ensure they survive through the competing matches, on the other, they are all also acutely aware that only one person will emerge as a winner at the end of the ‘Blue Lock’ program. So, they have the dual challenge of both working together and also against each other.

Things are only getting more interesting in this sports anime! You can stream the series on Netflix.

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